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Section 1 - General Conduct

1.1 Problems 

Do not cause problems in the community. Any disrespectful or distasteful attitude that is not justifiable, or is discriminatory, abusive or immoral will not be tolerated. Problems also include anything that exerts unnecessary variables upon individuals, such as disrupting admin situations or by giving false information/making false claims. This includes the use of alternative accounts to join the server, whilst banned for a rule-violation.

1.2 Third-Party Software & Exploits

The use of any third-party software or equipment to gain a beneficial or economical advantage is unacceptable. You may use an auto-clicker if you are online and at your keyboard - "AFKing" using any such software is strictly disallowed. The use or gratification of any glitches, bugs or exploits are unacceptable. If one is found, report it online at "bug reports" on the forums". Using one to your, or someone else's advantage, is unacceptable.

1.3 Compliance & Punishment

An Admin may interpret the rules to follow an outcome considered reasonable. If you have a problem with an outcome, then you can seek a higher authority, but under no circumstances take action into your own hands. You are not permitted to do so and the incident will either go un-dealt with, or, you will be subject to punishment. Furthermore, any punishment issued is absolute - unless officially appealed. If you have a query, then direct your claim to the forums staff complaints section. Any form of evading punishment is not tolerated (IE: LTAP/Name Changing).

1.4 Advertisement & Content 

The advertisement of anything that is not affiliated with Perq Gaming is unacceptable. Furthermore, any subjective content that is not considered appropriate material (IE: Political/Religious/Racist/Mature) is unacceptable and absolutely disallowed.

1.5 Scamming

You may not attempt to, nor actually scam, any person(s) of anything in-game related, or out-of-game related. This includes the selling of in-game money (or other resources) for real-life currency.

1.6 Refunds 

Refunds are not right-worthy. They can only be given at the server’s fault (IE: Server-Wide-Crash or forced closure) or, with discretion of senior staff, when a situation outside of your local control occurs, such as a rule-break. Refunds are not given for ‘local’ faults (IE: Game crash/leaving server/connection issues).

1.7 Discrimination 

Any racist, homophobic or discriminatory language, buildings or signs are not allowed under any circumstances.



Section 2 - Role Play

2.1 RDM (Random Death Match) 

The act of any unprovoked assault, or kill, is unacceptable. You must combat with a reasonable “role-play” reason (ie: Self-Defense/Raiding).

2.2 NLR (New Life Rule)

After death you must ‘forget’ everything in your previous lives. This excludes friends, place(s) of residence, occupation and your money. This includes the person(s) involved with your death, the reason for your death and place of death. You may not return to your place of death for 3 minutes.

2.3 Realism 

You must, always, act in a realistic manner in terms of your occupation and role in the community (IE: Gun-Dealer must sell guns – Whereas thieves can raid etc, but not uphold the law). In terms of rp-events, you must react in a way that would preserve your life. This includes the use of meta-game-information, IE: Any information obtained outside of role-play (OOC Chat) can not be used in-character roleplay. You may not change your job mid-roleplay, nor may you commit suicide to easily refill armour/health or vacate a premises with ease.

2.4 Props 

The use of props may only be for building purposes. You may not abuse props in a way to gain advantages for yourself/someone else (Incl: Surfing, Climbing, Blocking and Pushing). This includes blocking off NPCs in anyway, unless explicitly allowed. You may not use no-collided props to create an unfair advantage.

2.5 Spawn 

Spawn is non-RP. You may not abuse the spawn’s RP protection. RP is entered the moment you interfere with the environment (IE: Equipping a weapon/Running out of spawn). This protection is from then on removed. This includes purges.

2.6 Toolgun 

The abuse or use of Tools to gain an advantage or access to unauthorised things is unacceptable.

2.7 Casino

Casino is a non-purge and non-roleplay zone. Machines are owned by someone until their name expires, or the individual moves onto another machine, within their own free-capacity. In cases where roleplay started outside of the casino, it may reach its completion inside.

2.8 Printers 

You may not sell-on or “trade” your VIP printers. Furthermore, all printers must be accessible via basic standards of a raid -They cannot be hidden or placed out of reach of non-donors.

2.9 Demotions 

Demotions may only be carried out with legitimate role-play reasons. External-to-RP reasons are not legitimate grounds to carry out a demotion.

2.10 Weapon Checks & Arrests/Warrants

CP's may not weapon check a player without a valid reason, they may however weapon check everyone at a checkpoint. You may not arrest or warrant without valid purpose either.

2.11 Flash-bangs

You may not randomly flash-bang players, it will be treated the same as ARDM. 

2.12 Fear RP

You must follow 'Fear RP' when being mugged or kidnapped, meaning if a mugger/kidnapper has a gun pointed at you and you are at a disadvantage, you must  not fight back or run away. If you have friends with you and outnumber the mugger/kidnapper you may fight back. If you are already holding a gun before the roleplay event takes place you may fight back.

2.13 Laws

The mayor cannot place new laws that contradict existing laws or rules. If a contradictory law is placed, the mayor may be demoted to reset all of the laws.


Section 3 - Properties 

3.1 Building & KOS Signs

Building Signs exempt yourself from RP, but you may not carry out RP during this time. When you re-enter RP you must remove your 'Building' sign. This includes using any entities to produce money/entities. You may show three KOS signs for your base, these may only carry 3 legitimate and justifiable reasons - and must be the same reason for all signs, if more than one is to be used. “Loitering, Annoying” etc, are not legitimate nor justifiable reasons. KOS Signs must be placed in visible areas and must be formed of a legible font with reasonable font-size lettering.

3.2 Keypad Fading Doors

You may have a maximum of 3 keypad controlled fading doors that a raider must keypad crack to enter the base. A raider must be able to access all items of value (e.g. printers, bitminers, meth etc.) by cracking no more than 3 keypads. Each keypad can control a maximum of one fading door. You may not hide keypads in an attempt to prevent access.

3.3 Button Fading Doors (Shooting Windows)

You may not have any button controlled fading doors that an attacker must use to enter the main base whilst raiding to slow them down,  shooting windows and doors to small rooms/shelves within the base can be controlled by buttons. You may not hide buttons in an attempt to prevent access. You may only use a button to open/close fading doors, and they must be open for a minimum of 2-seconds.

3.4 Fading Door Abuse (Doors & Entrances)

You may only use keypads/buttons to open and close fading doors. You may only have 3 keypad controlled fading doors, opening for at least 5 seconds. You may not have more than one keypad or button either side of the door, and each must be clearly identifiable. 

3.5 Location 

You may only build in, on, or around pre-existing buildings, unless your job allows it. You may not build in someone else’s property unless given explicit permission from the owner or you are a co-owner of the door. 

3.6 Accessibility 

You must be able to access the property on foot, without having to perform specific actions (IE: crouching/jumping). Bases must not be disorientating or use invisible props.

3.7 Raiding/Defence 

The chance of success/failure during a raid should be equal, and not have any unfair advantage on either side. One-Way props and World-Glow are allowed, however cannot be used to shoot through. This includes the use of mazes. Shooting windows must be at least the size of the 025x025x025 cube – You may only shoot raiders whom are able to see you, you cannot intentionally block their vision. You may not build during a raid or any other RP event. You may not use a keypad code to raid a property.

3.8 No Collide 

You may not abuse no collide in bases. Examples include: having a no collided prop to hide behind and clip in out to quickly shoot people, having a secret no collided entrance. 

3.9 Pixel Perfect Bases

You may not use pixel perfect bases, for example a really narrow gap a player must get through that is only a few pixels larger than the player to slow them down.

3.10 Checkpoints

Police checkpoints are allowed however they most be positioned beside or near the PD and must be manned at all times or left open. You can't have more than two 'turns' in a checkpoint (they have to be quick and easy to walk through). The checkpoint must fit at least two players side by side to avoid blockages.

3.11 Blocking areas of the map

You may not block off large areas of the map (e.g. industrial, residential, beach etc.) You may section off smaller dead ends without interfering with players RP. NPCs must be inaccessible from within the base.

3.12 Space

Each fading door 'section' that an attacker goes through in a raid, must have enough space for 4 players.

3.13 Police Department

The mayor may build a base encompassing the entire police department except for the lobby. The mayor may regulate access to such a base. Enforcement of the access can only occur where an apparent attempt to breach the defence is made.

3.14 Bank

No jobs are permitted to build inside the bank.

3.15 Rooftop bases

You may build on a single rooftop, if someone owns the building below you must have their permission. The base cannot overhang significantly onto the street below with the exception of the walkway leading to it and must be easily accessible on foot, e.g. you cannot have an unnecessarily long walkway leading from the street or another building or force players to parkour, crouch, jump or navigate a narrow/difficult pathway to reach the entrance of your base. Unnecessarily large bases that interfere with players RP, significantly obstructs their view, ruins immersion or impacts the server performance may be removed or altered at a staff members discretion.

3.16 Traps

You may not have traps in your base e.g. floors/ditches that players fall through or get stuck in when raiding. Players must also be able to exit the same way they came in (e.g. no slopes with steep ledges that prevent their retreat).


Section 4 – RP Events

4.1 Adverts 

A written message in the chat is required when mugging, kidnapping or warning to make your intentions known. This message may appear in any form and is not limited to advertisements.

4.2 Warnings 

You may only warn people for justifiable reasons (e.g. refusing to leave your house), you must warn them twice, with 5 seconds minimum between each warning before taking action.

4.3 Evading (Leaving to Avoid)

Leaving to evade RP events or punishments is unacceptable.

4.4 Raiding 

You must wait 20 minutes before you can raid the same person. You have 10 minutes to raid and upon re-spawn you must act as if you are not aware of the raid.

4.5 Mugging 

You may mug for a maximum of $20,000. You must give the victim at least 10 seconds to comply with demands. You must wait 5 minutes before mugging again. You must wait 15 minutes before mugging the same person. You must be somewhat realistic when mugging, e.g. you cannot mug in public view of lots of people.

4.6 Kidnapping 

You may kidnap and demand a ransom of maximum of up-to $75,000 for non-government officials, and up-to $250,000 for government officials. You may keep a hostage for a maximum of 10 minutes. You must wait 25 minutes before kidnapping someone again, and 50 minutes before kidnapping the same person again. You must be somewhat realistic when kidnapping, e.g. you cannot kidnap in public view of lots of people.

4.7 Building 

You may not build, or use any tools while raiding/defending.

4.8 PD & Bank 

If you are a criminal-class, you may break out prisoner. Law Enforcement may not baton-rush during PD/Bank Raids. Law Enforcement do not have NLR cooldowns when defending either the PD or the Bank during a raid/attack.

4.9 Pointless Raids 

You may not raid a base that clearly has nothing inside - If you have reasonable suspicion that there may be something inside, this can be overlooked, but if the doors are open/windows unblocked and there's nothing, you may not raid. 

4.10 Realism 

All events must be done (to an extent) realistically (IE: Kidnapping and Muggings must be done covertly, without bringing too much attention). These can be done using weapons and in alleys etc. 

4.11 Countering 

Only Criminal Jobs and Law Enforcement may counter RP events, such as raids, kidnaps and muggings. Countering an RP event must be done with probable cause and as a criminal you may only counter RP events involving a gang member, party member or someone you are basing with.

4.12 Wars 

Only the Bloodz and Cripz may partake in wars. They can last no longer than 30 minutes. They may not have another war for up to 30 minutes later. Both parties, in full, must accept the war before commencing.

4.13 Terror Attack 

Terror attacks can only be performed with the default bomb swep and can only take place once every 10 minutes. You may not perform a terror attack inside the casino.

4.14 Mic Spam

Mic-spamming is restricted to the Hobo and Street Performer jobs, you may not follow and harass a player via mic-spam


Section 5 - The Purge

5.1 Purge 

During the purge you may; RDM and Conduct RP without advertisement.

5.2 Government 

Government jobs, such as Law Enforcement, may partake in the purge without upholding the law (Meaning they cannot taser or arrest people).

5.3 Purge Free 

The Casino and Spawn are non-purging zones. A player cannot designate any other area to be purge free.



Section 6 - Job Rules

6.1 Citizens 

As a citizen your role is to be part of the general public. This means you must uphold the law and can’t engage in illegal activities (such as: printing/raiding etc). However, you can still own property/bases. 


  • Hobo/Hobo lord  - You may not own property, but may own a firearm to protect yourself.

  • Combat Medic - Can assist in both police and criminal raids and is allowed to base as part of a gang or CP team but cannot print or engage in other criminal acts.

6.2 Civil protection/military

As a civil protector your role is to protect the general public from crime and to contain the law. You must follow your orders given by higher officials (e.g. SWAT General/police sheriff). You can’t weapon check without viable reason. You can build the police HQ and/or a checkpoint. You may not unarrest any person(s) in jail without a viable reason.    

As a CP member you must be loyal to your fellow officers and act accordingly to the situation at hand. This includes all Civil Protection and Military roles.

6.3 Merchants   

6.3.1 Legal Merchants

As a legal merchant ((antique) Gun Dealer/ vape salesman) your role is to sell items to the public; you must not refuse to sell weapons to anyone. Also you may break the law by having money printers, You also may own property and can use legal weapons. 

6.3.2 Illegal Merchants

As an illegal merchant (black market dealer/drug dealer) your role is to sell items to fellow criminals; you can refuse to sell weapons to person(s) if you have suspicion they’re a Civil protector. You may base with those committing activities (e.g. basing, kidnappings) however you can’t raid or start any illegal activity yourself but you may own printers. You also may own property. 

6.3.3. Gun Shelves
Any utility which allows a sale of the items without the input of any the merchant, such as gun shelves, must be built within a building or a construction that can be considered as a building. This utility must also remain manned by the owning merchant and may not be left unattended.

6.4 Criminals/Gangs

As a criminal your role is to engage in any/most illegal activity (e.g. raid/mug/drugs/print money etc) and raid government facilities, you can own property/base and own any type of weapon. 


  • Hitman  - You may own property but only to set up an 'office'.

  • Meth Cooks - can’t raid, kidnap, carjack. However you may mug

  • Sewer Dweller  - You can’t own property/base or guns. You are not allowed to raid, mug or kidnap. Above ground you are KOS and can’t kill anyone . However underground you may kill anyone.

  • Terrorist - You can’t raid unless assisting + terror attacks can only be performed using the suicide swep that the job spawns with

  • Weed grower - You can’t mug, raid, kidnap.

  • Cocaine Chef - You can't mug, raid or kidnap.

6.5 Miscellaneous  

As a Cultist your role is to make up your own cult and persuade the public to join your cult, you may own property/base and kidnap. But you can’t raid, mug, use money printers. 


  • Monkey - You are a monkey. You may not attack anyone, except in self-defense.

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